Who we are?

AKSOUND Sp. z o. o. Sp. j. [Ltd. Limited Partnership] has been developed as an enterprise separated from AKCES company, situated in Lodz, 27 Piekarska Street.

Over the last 25 years we have gained experience and knowledge on plastics, designing and manufacture of aluminium sections, as well as structures containing those materials. We have extended the circle of clients co-operating with us and developed infrastructure of the company. At the moment we act on the basis of the head office situated in Lodz and branches in Warsaw, Poznan and Kalisz.

Our offer includes high quality products and services in competitive prices achieved thanks to long-standing co-operation with leading suppliers of raw materials. We look after retaining long-term relationships with trade partners and our staff, what results in common confidence and profitably affects the development of our company. Our aim is a continuous extension of our assortment, perfection of quality of the offered services and their adaptation to individual needs of clients.

One of the main sectors of activity of AKSOUND Sp. z o. o. Sp. j. is manufacturing of translucent panels for construction of acoustic baffles – road barriers restricting level of noise, under brand of AKSOUND®.

Specialised departments of our company carry on analyses of projects, prepare offers, manufacture panels and run logistic activities.


What we do?

We offer our clients the wide range of acoustic reflecting panels. The panels manufactured in our plant have a frame constructions, made of systemic aluminium profiles AKSOUND ®. To fill the panels we apply colourless acrylic or polycarbonate plates of reputable European producers. We offer technical support as far as material calculations based on received specifications and drawings. However, first of all our company provides a comprehensive investment service in the scope of delivery translucent acoustic panels for road and railway noise barriers. We assure quick manufacturing of panels, their temporary storage during investment realisation in our warehouses around the country, in Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz, as well as deliveries to the building site coordinated with stages of the investment.

We delegate our best employees to our client’s disposal, who will offer technical support at every stage of a construction undertaking, commencing from the phase of arrangements until to assembly of cassettes at the building site.

Our company implemented the system of quality management and system of management of plant production control, according to standards EN 14388:2009 and ISO 9001:2008.

We are a qualified NATO supplier.

Products manufactured by us have been examined in accredited laboratories and have necessary reports of strength, acoustic and fire examinations issued by the notified scientific and research institute – ITB - INSTYTUT TECHNIKI BUDOWLANEJ (The Building Research Institute) in Warsaw. We produce of panels with transparent filling made of plastics, with fire reaction class C-s3,d0, certified by the ITB Classification Report.

Certificates & references

Below we present the list of all our certificates and references we've gained along our bussiness activity. Please click on the image to view the file.


In this section you can find the first pages of reports we've received.

# Report number Date of research / report File
1 LM00-00598/14/Z00NM 19.02.2014 Download
2 LK01-00748/14/Z00NK/I 02-04.04.2014 Download
3 LK03-00748/14/Z00NK 03-10.04.2014 Download
4 LK02-00748/14/Z00NK 07-10.04.2014 Download
5 LA00-0941/14/Z00NA 10.03-23.05.2014 Download
6 LA00-0942/14/Z00NA 11.03-06.05.2014 Download
7 00784/14/Z00NK 22.06.2014 Download
8 LP01-2281/15/Z00NP 21.10.2015 Download
9 LP01-2556/15/Z00NP 21.10.2015, 5.11.2015 Download
10 LP02-2556/15/Z00NP 5.11.2015 Download
11 2556/15/Z00NP 17.11.2015 Download
12 00748/14/Z00NK - Download
13 LZP06-01136/18/Z00NZP 20.03.2018 Download
14 LZP02-01136/18/Z00NZP 03.04.2018 Download
15 LZP03-01136/18/Z00NZP 03.04.2018 Download
16 LZP01-01136/18/Z00NZP 03.04.2018 Download
17 LZP05-01136/18/Z00NZP 03.04.2018 Download
18 LZP04-01136/18/Z00NZP 03.04.2018 Download
19 01136/18/Z00NZP 11.04.2018 Download
20 01136/18/Z00NZP 11.04.2018 Download
21 01136/18/Z00NZP 11.04.2018 Download
22 01136.4/18/Z00NZP 07.06.2018 Download
23 LZF01-03067-20-Z00NZF 08.02.2021 Download
24 LZF02-03067-20-Z00NZF 08.02.2021 Download
25 LZF03-03067-20-Z00NZF 08.02.2021 Download


Dariusz Reszpondek
Comercial director

+48 42 253 26 91
+48 600 019 537

Marek Szlarzyński
Project leader

+48 42 253 26 96
+48 509 299 558

Beata Barańczyk

+48 42 253 26 40

Radosław Jurkowski
Supply & logistic

+48 42 253 26 95

Local distributors

Distributor in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - KELUVA UAB
+370 5 212 32 23, info@keluva.lt, Liepkalnio Str. 101, LT-02121 Vilnius, Lithuania
Distributor in Sweden - DAV Nordic AB
+46 70 220 13 69, ce@davnordic.se, 554 75 Jönköping, Mogölsvägen 11
Distributor in Denmark - DAV Nordic A/S
+45 2887 0460, jpo@davnordic.dk, DK-8600 Silkeborg, Tietgensvej 12